In March of 2017, I moved to the Bay Area to write Apple's Inclusion and Diversity page. During the process, I strategized site concepts and collaborated with UX designers, creative directors, developers, and other stakeholders. I interviewed and profiled employees, researched how to position Apple's I&D programs, and wrote copy for the site.

Inclusion & Diversity 2017 (PDF)

Inclusion & Diversity 2017 Profiles (PDF)


Towards the end of my tour at Apple,  I worked briefly on the language and organization for the Final Cut Pro X site. I loved speaking to the passionate folks at Apple who create and promote the software. 

Final Cut Pro X


R/GA FutureVision

R/GA's magazine for c-suite executives

Employing the Digital Nomad



During 2016 and 2017, I helped write the company's newsletter on startup culture and the future of business.

At Dev Bootcamp Career Development Is Baked into Their Program

200 Products from One Startup in Brooklyn

Blue Apron’s Secret Ingredient Is a 100-person Tech Team

Meet the Companies Trying to Diversify The Tech Industry

Pacific Content Helps Companies Like Slack Make Podcasts

Meet Tech’s Real Unicorns – Latina and Black Women Entrepreneurs

The Last Mile Teaches Coding and Entrepreneurship to Prisoners

Meet the Companies Helping Moms Continue Career Building


First Republic

In early 2017, NewsCred and First Republic assigned me a profile of Harry Benson.

Photographer Harry Benson on 'Going for the Center' of Every Story


Fountain House

This wonderful non-profit is dedicated to helping people with mental illness.

You Belong Here: Fountain House Bronx brochure (PDF)